Youth Unlimited

Motivating Young Men and Young Women
to Recognize And Increase Their Value to Themselves and Their Communities.

Youth Unlimited

This program only addresses one gap, the gap between where the young men are now and being the best they can be.

Our motivator engages in interactive dialogue and activities designed to give the young men the tools necessary to deal with an educational system that often times they don’t understand and often times doesn’t understand or cope with them.

We require the young men in Youth Unlimited to do more. They are required to do not only their normal school work but the work we assign. Actually our work isn’t required but we find that they really want to do our work. We give the young men something they need but they also enjoy. We are the ice cream the system needs.

This is a different approach. A motivated child that wants to learn is easier to teach than one that must be force fed an education. We send these young men into their classrooms willing to listen and wanting to learn.

If your schools are experiencing these types of problems:

Teachers that are afraid of students or unable to translate the information

Unfunded mandates

Apathetic administrations

Lowered standards and/or unchallenging curriculum

Low to No Parental involvement

High percentage of Sp Ed

Crazy Parents that run interference for unruly children

Children that lack discipline or are disinterested in learning

Classrooms sizes too large

Systems that seem to be are more concerned about money than students

Students learning at different rates

Children that come to school sick and/or hungry  

Systems that force teaching to a test

Lack of male, minority teachers and role models

High truancy rates


Poor attendance

Gang Problems

Negative peer pressure

Children with poor social skills

High percentage of single family households 

What We Do  


Youth Unlimited (YU) is an emergent approach in youth interactions for school students. Youth Unlimited’s focus is on the child, while benefitting the educational process.  YU is a Non Technical/Non Scientific Approach (1) to group-motivation, led by men and women who’ve lived many of the same challenges as the students. The facilitators are chosen for their ability to “relate to”, inspire, motivate and challenge young men and women to do and be their best.  YU facilitators build trust and respect, while sharing their common experiences and insights teaching, leading, and sharing with the students.


Youth Unlimited supports young African American and Latino students during their Age of Reckoning at 10 to 15 years of age. This program helps them form supportive relationships and social bonds that take them beyond their survival instincts. Youth Unlimited lets them thrive as the great men and women and great leaders they will be. Along the way the program reduces school problems like truancy and drops outs and later life styles that are close to the edge of crime. With YU these young people excel and become productive participants in their own future and, therefore, in all of our futures. The program is value-focused and emergent. It produces results because it continues to inform and improve. Engage in it; help ramp it up. Let these kids produce… for themselves, for their parents, for their school systems, and for their communities, our communities.  




The Youth Unlimited Curriculum is very experiential with carefully chosen teaching exercises and group interactions, which always include time for personal sharing and reflection.  This curriculum has been fully vetted by the University of Texas for effectiveness.  It is a mixture of intellectual, emotional and physical activities emphasizing openness, responsibility, trust, respect and collaboration as reflected in the Project Objectives:


·         Build self-esteem

·         Boost academic performance

·         Reinforce positive attitudes about school

·         Strengthen social relationships

·         Emphasize connectivity and teamwork

·         Improve school attendance

·      Enhance ability to solve problems and resolve conflicts

·         Increase Parental involvement

·         Create life changing, life-saving, behavioral shifts

·         Reduce Drop-out rate


YU challenges each student to raise their own expectations and spurs them on to be the best they can be individually and collectively.   Our young men and young women are empowered to become advocates for their own success as they redefine that success, in positive terms. 



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